The Joint Oversight Panel (JOP) administers the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) system. In carrying out its functions, the JOP is assisted by the CBPR Secretariat (the Secretariat for the JOP of the APEC CBPR system). The JOP's key functions are:

APEC Economy participation

  • consultation with prospective APEC CBPR system participant economies
  • to review and determine whether an economy satisfies the economy participation requirements
  • issue a findings report

Accountability Agents recognition and re-attestation

  • consultation with prospective Accountability Agents
  • to review applications from organisations to become Accountability Agents
  • to make recommendations to APEC economies as to whether they should recognise those organisations as compliant with the requirements of the APEC CBPR system
  • to verify whether a recognised Accountability Agent complies with the APEC CBPR system annual recertification process
  • to make recommendations to APEC economies as to whether they should continue to recognise that Accountability Agent

Discontinue Accountability Agent recognition

  • to consider and recommend discontinuing an Accountability Agent’s recognition

Conflicts of interest

Where an allegation has been made that an Accountability Agent has an actual or potential conflict of interest, the JOP may consult the Accountability Agent and advise it whether to withdraw from an engagement.

Complaint handling

Anyone can report a complaint regarding an Accountability Agent to the JOP via
The JOP may, in appropriate cases, refer complaints to the relevant Privacy Enforcement Authorities.

Joint Oversight Panel Charter
Joint Oversight Panel Protocols

JOP Findings Reports (regarding APEC economies intent to participate)

JOP Recommendation Reports (regarding Accountability Agent applications)