Participation in the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System affords Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation members a unique opportunity to work

with their counterparts throughout the region to facilitate cross-border trade with privacy standards that meet or exceed those set out in theĀ APEC Privacy Framework.

The APEC CBPR System uses appropriately qualified Accountability Agents that have been recognised by participating economies to certify that participating organisations’ privacy policies and practices comply with the APEC CBPR System requirements. Accountability Agents (public or private) are also responsible for ensuring any non-compliance is remedied in a timely fashion and, in appropriate cases, reported to the relevant enforcement authorities.

One of the goals of the APEC CBPR System is to lift the overall standard of privacy protection throughout the region through these voluntary, yet enforceable, standards.

There are currently nine participating economies:






Republic of Korea


Chinese Taipei


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